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3 Rivers Wisconsin Summer Baseball was founded in 2018 with nine senior level teams. The nine teams consisted of Baldwin, Chippewa Falls, Ellsworth, Hudson, Menominee, Osceola, Prescott, New Richmond, and St. Croix Central. These nine teams saw a vision with having flexibility in scheduling for their season and realized the need for scheduling baseball games in a quicker method.


In 2019, 3 Rivers Wisconsin Summer Baseball has formed a junior version which consists of 17 and younger atheletes. This was attributed to acquiring Heart Lake Legion in 2019. In 2019 we had a total of 24 teams. The following year, 2020 we acquired a senior version league, a 19 and younger league, called Western Wisconsin Legion Baseball, in turn bringing our total to 32 teams. Both the leagues were established but fading due to lingering interest and someone to hold the reigns to drive them. Their legacies continue as 3 Rivers honors both leagues as the senior is named after Western Wisconsin Legion Baseball and the junior version is named after Heart Lake Legion. Today we currently have 14 senior version teams and 23 junior version teams totaling 37 teams.

Our vision continues as we have grown each year of being founded. Our vision is 50 teams in the 3-4 years. We have added a logo and this website in 2021 to communicate better in a central location.

Our Mission Statement

3 Rivers Wisconsin Summer Baseball's core value is to focus on the integrity to generate games for the development, instill sportsmanship, and to provide a nurturing environment, which will allow the players to mature physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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